Getting Involved

How to get involved:

FreeFramework will soon be looking for individuals to serve on various functional committees. We are also currently seeking developers who have something to add. If you are interested in volunteering in any way, please email

Advantages of adopting FreeFrameWork

  • Enhanced development tools to make you more productive
  • Enhanced security
  • Enhanced troubleshooting
  • Provides extra value to consulting clients because they are not stuck with support of several varied methodologies.
  • Time-proven techniques and methodologies are included
  • Open standard can be modified to suit your needs
  • Itís FREE!!!
  • Better chance of finding developers who will be familiar with the environment
  • Allows developers to focus more on functionality and features than lower-level matters

Advantages of contributing to FreeFrameWork

  • Opportunity to be involved in setting standards.
  • Resume / Reputation builder.
  • Ability to give back to the WebSpeed community.
  • Build good karma.
  • Free advertising for you or your firm.
  • Building FreeFrameWork makes WebSpeed a cheaper solution for more people. The more people using WebSpeed, the bigger the opportunity to sell consulting services.
  • Get important feedback on your code by your colleagues.

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Last modified on: Friday, 10-Aug-2001 14:55:28 UTC