NEW: Upgrading from FreeFramework Version 1.02 to Version 1.039

New documentation available

Introducing the FreeFrameWork Project

An interesting article which chronicals our short history as an organization, and lays forth what we do and where we're going. Read it here...

Got Something to Share?

FreeFrameWork is accepting contributions and making them available n the public download area for review. To make your submission, just make sure that you are willing to allow your code to be licensed and distributed under the FreeFrameWork License. Do your best to follow our submission guidelines, then email your .zip or .tar file to

Got SourceForge?

The Code Steering Committee has tentatively decided to try SourceForge for our source-code control and version management system. We're not yet off the ground, but we're calling for volunteers to sign up for SourceForge accounts, then review the feature-set list and let us know what you might like to help out on.

CVS Links

CVS stands for Concurrent Versioning System. FreeFrameWork will be giving it a try on for our source-code management needs.

Join our Discussion!

Join our FreeFrameWork Discussion List on the Progress Email Group (PEG):

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