FreeFrameWork’s Mission:
  • To bring together the best practices and methodologies of the WebSpeed community at large into one single repository
  • To increase speed-to-market of WebSpeed solutions by providing free reusable components
  • To increase awareness of security and robustness issues related to WebSpeed, and to work together to provide free solutions.
  • To increase the cost-effectiveness of WebSpeed so that it can better compete with the more widely known technologies such as Active Server Pages, PHP, ColdFusion, and the like.
  • To represent the WebSpeed community in matters pertaining to WebSpeed’s future direction.
  • To promote WebSpeed as a cost-effective, real-world solution for enabling online transaction processing.
  • To provide a distribution and licensing mechanism for open-source programs contributed to the WebSpeed community.
  • To provide a forum for the objective peer-review of coding practices.

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Last modified on: Tuesday, 20-Mar-2001 16:51:12 UTC