Code Submission Guidelines

The FreeFrameWork project values both its contributors and their works. As such, these guidelines are not intended to stifle anyone's creativity, or slow down the transfer of code into the project.

We realize that beggars cannot be choosers, so we do not necessarily plan to enforce these guidelines to the point of refusing to accept a submission. However, we hope that our contributors will realize that their code is much more useful, valuable and likely to be included in an official FreeFrameWork release when it can be read, installed, and understood by others.

Therefore, subject to eventual approval and/or change by the Code Steering Committee and/or FFW board of directors, the following guidelines have been ratified for code submissions:

  • Please provide author and contact info in each program. Sample Program Header...
  • Please use Meaningful variable names (English preferred)
  • Please use a consistent coding standard within your program. If you are submitting enhancements to someone else's program, please follow their coding standards, or work out the differences with the original author.
  • Please Comment appropriately
  • Please consider cross-platform compatiblity and if known, please inform us of platform dependencies
  • Please provide as much separate documentation of the programs as possible. Depending on the complexity and amount of the code you submit, a readme.txt file might be in order.
Hopefully everyone will simply apply the golden rule and provide the sort of easy-to-read and documented code that they would like to receive from others. Because circumstances are always different, and we could easily get diverted into an all-out war over coding standards, the list above has been kept intentionally vague so that we can let better judgement prevail rather than the letter of the law. If you would like to comment on these guidelines, please email the FFW mailing list.

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Last modified on: Tuesday, 13-Apr-2004 23:02:56 UTC