Board of Directors

FreeFrameWork's Board of Directors is responsible for determining the governance and future directions of the project. This board, which was elected to serve from January 23, 2001 through (a date yet to be determined) consists of seven individuals.

These are the current board members:
David Cleary
Progress Software Corporation (US)
Geoff Crawford
Innovative Computer Solutions (US)
Per Digre
Progress Software Professional Services (US)
Brian Laferte (US)
Steven Lichtenberg
Independent Consultant(US)
Steve Southwell
USI / BravePoint (US)
John Abbott
Turnaround Computing (US)

If you would like to contact any of these board members regarding your opinions about FreeFrameWork, you are encouraged to post your comments on the FreeFrameWork mailing list so that the discussion remains open for all to see.

Also, please note that although the directors company names are listed above, this does not necessarily imply any endorsement or affiliation between FreeFrameWork and these companies. Read more...

[Schedule and Transcripts of Board Meetings ]

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