Official FreeFrameWork Download

FreeFrameWork is a tool-kit of sorts, which includes lots of goodies that you can use with your WebSpeed project. It contains extra workshop tools, robustness and security features, and many of the individual application components and development tools which are also available for download elsewhere on this site.

The current version of FreeFrameWork (FFW) is 1.2.

(Extract the archive directly into your working directory, then read the .doc for setup information.)

Accepted Submission Downloads

FreeFrameWork is a community project, which has received numerous contributions from the WebSpeed community at large. These are some some of the submissions that the FreeFrameWork Board of Directors has found most useful and worthy of inclusion in FFW. Note that all of the approved submissions ARE included in FFW 1.1, so there is no need to download them seperately. The version that is distributed in the official FFW package will probably be more up-to-date.

[ Accepted Submissions ]

Unreviewed Submission Downloads

These are submissions that have not yet been reviewed by the Board of Directors for inclusion in an official FreeFrameWork release. As with all software distributed by FreeFrameWork, please use these programs at your own risk.

[ Unreviewed Submissions Downloads ]

4GL Utilities

These are various libraries and programs written in Progress 4gl, which we felt might be generally useful to both WebSpeed and Progress programmers. Since they really don't quite fit in with FFW's mission of providing open-source components specifically for web development, they're not included in the standard FFW distribution. FreeFrameWork provides this section as a service to our members. All programs are posted with permission.

[ 4gl Utilities ]

Non-4GL Utilities

These are utility programs which are useful to web programmers, in some cases written by members of our community. Generally these programs carry their own license and terms of use. FreeFrameWork provides this section as a service to our members. All programs are posted with permission.

[ Other Utilities ]

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